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E-commerce Research: Wall Art

A comprehensive review of e-commerce research, Presented to a customer who wanted to build his own wall art website.


General Background

A Research Project that was all about delivering the client a full presentation about what is an eCommerce website, How to approach the idea from scratch, and how to understand the Wall Art industry with best practices and tools by designing an e-commerce website for the private & business sector.


In this 3 minute presentation (30 minutes in real-time) I mainly covered: 

- Researching users & competitors.

- Users personas, pain points & solutions.

- Data-driven UX decisions. 

- New technologies and goals

- Strategy & concept

- Marketing strategy and branding first sketches for the logo.

Take 3 minutes - Have a look:

Too busy for 3 minutes? :) Here are some chosen frames

research jpg.jpg
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