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Smart Home

Characterizing and design of A Smart Home Dashboard & App which use all available market options interactively.

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The Problem


Smart house users make use of several apps, software & devices, which require excellent integration between them, to enjoy the developments of each of them.

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Hebrew is not available, as it is hard to pronounce in the various components. It requires every action that instruct the device to do must, and be pre-planned.


No slang or synonym usage is possible or available, command texts must be learned by heart for system to respond & function.

Users Interview Research



An app that interacts with the platforms and integrates them must be developed, with AI components, performing the actions with a through comprehension of the house chores and tasks. The app should be able to communicate via conversation, not via code passwords. For example, today, in order to turn the TV off, I must pronounce a specific text, remembering all text and commands required. Every system has its limitations. (Apple only referred to on and off switches, not turning volume up & down, so to allow that several manipulations are required).
Today in order to have a smart house, lots of integration work is required.
Any decentralized work must be neutralized, and all devices must be united. 


A smart house that moves with you easily. Nowadays everything is wireless, with an open system for each household member, where each could define his or her requirements and needs, under any hierarchical permissions restrictions. All is tailor made and the platform is open and available for all devices.

The Personas

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One system that combines app & dashboard, easily functional in Hebrew, oral instructions based and smart definitions like AI that study the users and are based on various scenarios.

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Logo & Colors

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Dashboard Design


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