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General Background

The current volunteer arena in Israel enjoys a variety of activities and target audiences. In 2018, 1.1 million Israeli citizens and permanent residents, accounting for 21% of the twenty-year-olds, 22% of the adults between the ages of 20-64, and 16% of the senior citizens, aged  65 and above.

46% volunteered with the framework of an organization/several organizations, while 40% volunteered privately, 14% volunteered both privately and within an organizational framework.

Competitive Research


By looking at competitive websites, I started comparing features such as location tracker, accurate filtering, advanced screening of projects, and a wide variety of projects. 

This helped me find more accurate solutions to my project's information architecture and additional features that I wish to improve on my website.


Volunteer Project

Hand on Heart - 

Website and App For Personalized and location-based volunteer project searches.


Volunteers demonstrate Less Loneliness than the general population.

Volunteers have reported loneliness to occur seldom or never.


Target Users

For my project, I chose to focus on the 40% of volunteers who did so privately, focusing further on ages – 35-70: people who find the time during daytime (mostly retired elderly) or in the afternoons (parents of older children) who seek to volunteer in an independent and commitment-free manner.

Conclusions from users interviews

map (1).png

Volunteer projects shouldbe convenient to attend and close by.


Reluctance to commit at the start of the project, usually due to schedules.


Volunteer project grasped as leisure time, not as a task to fulfill.

The Personas

Group 9632_edited_edited_edited_edited.j

Information Architecture


Card sorting is a method used to help design & evaluate the information architecture of a site. In this case, I decided what to put on the homepage main menu and footer, and how to Label categories and navigation.


Goals & Challenges

  • Design a convenient screening mechanism to allow project selection.

  • Generate user action (registration for a volunteer project).

  • Support and provide further info. in order to facilitate the user's acquaintance with the project (map & driving assistance, contact details, support etc...).


App Wire Frames

Group 501.jpg

UI DESIGN (1).gif

Design Inspiration


Colors of the light – RGB

The colors of the light symbolize the light coming out of the good in the world – with every color and tone providing its unique voice (much like the variety of people in our society). When colors and projected on top of one another (creating society out of its many individuals).


A single ray of light in white reflects the pure and mutual responsibility aspects of society, with the heart reflecting the act of giving.

Group 9633.png

Fonts & Icons

UX vs. UI

App & Desktop design

mediamodifier_image (12).png
mediamodifier_image (13).png

Screening Mechanism (7).gif

Searching by point of interest

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