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Originally designed in a somewhat childish style, Now turned into an updated e-commerce site for original & trendy gifts from Chocolate.


The Problem

Choc on Choc: Creating a unique brand for a unique chocolate gift

The family-run business, Choc on Choc, had been making luxury handcrafted Belgian chocolates for years, But with its childish brand identity failing to communicate the quality of these premium products, the brand had become confusing. I wanted to create a new identity with greater clarity to reflect the company’s unique approach to chocolate making.

Current Website

Home Page

Home Page

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Main Menu

Main Menu

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Category Page

Category Page

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Product Page

Product Page

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Main Issues:

Outdated non luxurious Branding is with a Childish Logo, fonts and web design

Shopping experience Damaged by abundant text

Main menu: Hierarchy problems in the categories

No up-sale options/possibility to construct a larger gift, every item is sold separately.

Global Chocolate Market 2020-2024

Getting to know the brand

Choc on Choc was the loving creation of inventor Kerr Dunlop, and his daughter Flo Broughton. Plucking inspiration from the art and design industries, the family created a fresh patented approach to making handcrafted Belgian chocolate, involving layering techniques and unusual molds, to shape chocolate works of art.

From these small beginnings, the brand had grown steadily, but wanted to step-change its growth, and recognized that in order to do this it needed to establish itself as a stronger brand and create visual stand out from competitors. 

Global Chocolate Market 2020-2024 

(Data taken from the "Technavio" Report) 

The Personas

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Category Icons

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I created a visual identity that is luxurious yet approachable, an e-commerce site that's maintaining fun & indulging experience, like the family's hand-made business is, to show the personality of the brand. 

  • Revision to categories & 

  • Smart up-sale system

  • Advanced search options by events

  • Gift sets independently combined by the shopper​

  • Modern and light design

  • New branding, logo, and fonts

  • Harmonic and inviting color palette

  • Photos instead of redundant text

Re-designed Website: Home Page

Re-designed Website: Category Page

Re-designed Website: Product Page

Re-designed Website: Build your Gift box (Upsale Page)


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